• Step 1  Application steps
  • Step 2 Complete and send Application Form
  • Step 3 Sign and send Agreement

This process will take approximately 5-10 minutes to complete.

To apply please follow the three-steps below. To use the service you must meet the following criteria:
  • You must be a business client with accounts at CIBC
  • You must be resident in Canada or the United States
  • You must have a minimum yearly foreign exchange requirement of CAD $50,000 per year or equivalent
  • You must meet certain regulatory eligibility criteria if you are a resident of Alberta, British Columbia or Quebec.

Application steps

Step 1 
Please specify the type of service

Online Trading, Confirmations and Settlements
This service will allow you to trade, confirm and settle your transactions online
Online Confirmations and Settlements only
This service will allow you to confirm and settle online, only those trades dealt through your CIBC Foreign Exchange Advisor.
Step 2 
Complete and send Application Form

We require specific information regarding your business and accounts. Please complete the application form in full and submit it to us online.

Step 3 
Sign and send Agreement

Please read the following user agreement and confirm the acceptance of these terms and conditions with the signatures of your signing officers.

General Inquiries: Tel:(416) 594 3911 Toll free:1 877 224 2239 Email:fxdeal@cibc.ca
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